MUNDY'S BAY - Debutalbum am 13. Maerz



Mit "Lonesome Valley" erscheint am 13. Maerz das erste album von MUNDY'S BAY aus Montreal via Pure Noise Records. Die Platte wurde von CONVERGE's Kurt Ballou produziert - mit "Visions Of You" stellt die Postpunkband unten bereits einen ersten Vorgeschmack auf das Album vor. Frontfrau nd Keyboarderin Esther Mulders komentiert: 

"'Visions of You' plays on themes of distance, loneliness and sadness. It is about finding small parts of someone you are longing for in passing moments. The instrumentals were a huge inspiration for the song, because I wanted to write lyrics that would pair well with the emotive changes and climaxes it creates"

Gitarrist Victor Beaudoin fuegt hinzu

"When we wrote this song we were looking for a larger sound, something we thought could be expanded on after recording our previous EP 'Control Room'. We wanted the different synth sounds be more present and let our songs breathe a little more. The drums were inspired by some of our favorite drum-machine patterns we have come to love from listening to more and more electronic music".