MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE - Mikey Way nimmt Auszeit



Bassist Mikey Way nimmt sich eine temporäre Auszeit von MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE um Zeit mit seiner Frau zu verbringen. Die Band wird in der Zwischenzeit mit einem noch unbenannten Ersatz die Aktivitäten fortsetzen.

Gerard, Mikeys Bruder, hierzu:

"The band has decided to give him and his wife a much needed break from the road to start a life and have a proper honeymoon and do all the things a newlywed couple should do.

I'm very proud to announce my brother's recent marriage. Watching him grow up into a man and finding love makes me the happiest brother alive. I know this is upsetting news, as it is for us, but we will continues to tour with a temporary replacement until he has situated himself in his new life."