NECK DEEP - neuer Videoclip online



NECK DEEP koppeln den Song "Don't Wait" aus ihrem aktuellen Album "The Peace And The Panic" (Hopless Records) aus und spendieren diesem einen Videoclip. Die Bilder zu Don’t Wait” wurden produziert von Frontmann Ben Barlow und Our World Is Grey (Josh Halling, Daniel Broadley). Barlow kommentiert: 

“The premise of the video is that there are 3 characters who are all at different phases in their lives, yet they are somewhat connected (how they are connected is for the viewer to figure out). All of these visual references tie into the lyrics of the song and it’s really down to the viewer for them to try and understand it and work it out! For that reason I think it’s one of the most interesting and visually appealing videos we’ve ever done”