NIK BRUZZESE (MAN OVERBOARD) - mit neuem Soloprojekt



Nik Bruzzese, ehemaliges Mitglied von MAN OVERBOARD, kuendigt unter dem Synonym CASA LOMA seine Solo-EP "This Is Coping" an, die am 6. Juni 2020 via Pure Noise Records erscheint. Mit "Travelers" and "Famaglia" stellt der Musiker gleich zwei Songs vorab vor. Zu “Travelers” sagt Bruzzese

“Ever since my dad died, I feel like he sends me signs. Sometimes when I hear a weird sound in my house or a song on the radio, or I have an interaction with a stranger that feels special, I think it happened because my dad is trying to say something to me. I guess I keep looking for these signs because my dad didn’t really leave me with anything other than like, a Roth IRA. I want to leave something for my kids that’s on a level where they know it’s to them from me. So this song is like a letter in a drawer telling my kids what I need to say if I ever have to leave them”

Den Song “Famaglia” hingegen kommentiert er wie folgt:

"This is totally a song meant to be played on an episode of ‘This Is Us’ .I don’t watch it, but my wife does, and every time she finishes an episode, she’s crying. I wrote this song from the perspective of a friend who lost a loved one in the most messed up way possible. When you lose someone like this, you have to be in touch with yourself spiritually and know even though the person you love is gone, you can talk to him and be lifted up with his presence instead of crashing and burning your way through life"