NOFX - Update aus Israel



NOFX befinden sich bekanntlich auf Welt-Tournee. Nun hat sich Fat Mike mit einem kurzen Update aus Israel gemeldet:

"Israel-ly hot here. Bad here we are, playing Israel for the first time. So far we haven't actually played but I did almost get beat up by a huge American skater type dude who called me a faggot because I was carrying a NOFX surfboard that some kid gave to me at a bar. It is Neapolitan colored and on the bottom it says, "NOFX so long and thanks from all the Jews". I thought it was pretty cool but skater dude didn't. Would have been pretty cool to get beat up by an American while in the Middle East. That's trendy right now.

Other weird things here: You can smoke hash in restaurants; lots of people carry machine guns; on Saturdays the elevators in the hotel stop on every floor and you can't push any buttons because it's the day of rest; the room service menu has 2 different pages, one for meat and one for dairy and also on Saturdays, the kitchen only prepares cold food. Wacky Jewish stuff. Tomorrow we're goin' to the Dead Sea where I'm gonna try out my new board, then we're gonna play in Jerusalem against the Nine Inch Nails show. They're gonna kick our ass. Later skater, Fat Mike "