NORMANDIE - erster Song vom neuen Album



Die Schweden von NORMANDIE kuendigen ihr neues Album "Dark & Beautiful Secrets" an, welches am 19. Februar via Easy Life Records erscheinen soll. Anbei gibt es mit "Holy Water" einen ersten Vorabsong im Stream zu hoeren. Frontmann Philip Strand kommentiert: 

"Herd mentality is everywhere today; in social media, religion and in politics. When the bubble burst and we’re left with just ourselves and our own thoughts - who are we?  'Holy Water' is about asking yourself; is my reality formed by my own or somebody else’s belief?"

Das Release ist bereits das dritte Album des skandinavischen Trios und laut Eigenaussage eher finster inhaltlich gesehen. Strand: 

“This is a really dark album to me. There’s something about writing a new album that gives a freedom to be true to yourself in both sound and lyrics. We decided to be as intimate and personal as possible, sharing true stories from our past for the first time. We called it 'Dark & Beautiful Secrets'. Everyone has secrets, each and every one of us has something buried deep down inside that we desperately keep hidden away from the judging eyes of the world. A secret that comes to light can be a beautiful relief. Proof that you have gone through the healing process and you’re ready to move on"