NORMA JEAN unterschreiben bei Razor & Tie



Nach vie Alben auf Solid State Records haben NORMA JEAN bei Razor & Tie unterschrieben. Cory Brandan (Sänger / Gitarre) hierzu:

"If we didn't sign to Razor & Tie, I think we would have gone on a killing spree, with no regard for life or limb. I think for the first time in our career, upon presenting our ideas, we get to hear the word 'yes' more often. It's like discovering an unknown tribe on a distant island. Except we're the tribe and we don't know your language. Plus we have spears and swords and we're cannibals. Either way, we're insanely animated about R&T showing up and want to try on their Nike Air Jordans."

Ein neues Album soll 2010 erscheinen.