NOT A TOY - mit neuer EP



NOT A TOY unterschreiben bei Fearless Records und werden eine neue digitale EP namens "Not A Toy" am 7. August veroeffentlichen. Anbei stellt die Band den darauf enthaltenen Song "Antidote" im Stream vor. Über die 7-Track-EP sagt die Band:

"We're not the first to combine different genres of music, but we're also blending other artforms — from streetwear to art shows. We're a snapshot of this generation's tattooed youth and bedroom beatmakers. 
We're just creating, and there are no rules to creation. This EP is a creative summary of the human experience. It explores the emotional journey we've been through over the last few years of writing it. The collective theme of the songs is self questioning; looking inward on how far we've come in our self growth."