Zwar hat sich die Band wohl aufgelöst, doch lässt sich für geneigte Hörer aus dem Statement der Band Hoffnung schöpfen:

"Hey guys. As you've probably heard but never got confirmed, no warning has broken up. This is true. It will be up on our website officially soon, but just thought for anyone browsing this myspace which seems to be more active than our website, we'd let you know. There is a new band in the works, and you may dig it, you may not. It doesn't have a name yet, but you will hear about it soon.. we'll have demo's online etc. We will be turning this myspace into the new bands myspace once everything is finalized, so when you don't see NW on your myspace list anymore.. you'll have to search your list for the new band, and check for bullitens we'll post about demo's online @ myspace."