NUEVA ETICA on Tour im August



NUEVA ETICA werden im August 2007 auf Tour kommen, weitere Infos sind noch nicht bekannt. Hier die Presseinfo:

"From the opposite side of the globe, NUEVA ETICA are putting their homeland of Argentina, South America firmly on the map with their tough-as-nails metallic hardcore. The seven-member mosh-machine features three vocalists with lyrics all sung in their native Spanish language, uniquely separating them from the legions of boring/generic metalcore acts. Brandishing ideals of animal rights, straight-edge philosophy and steadfast convictions, the band has taken their powerful bruising force to points all over the world while earning them tons of fans in the process. With their determination firmly in check, this upcoming tour of Europe will be their third tour to European shores and promises to be better than ever. Contributing to an already fun-filled summer of festivals and shows, via Avocado Booking, NUEVA ETICA are adding to excitement with their headlining European tour the entire month of August. With seven bodies rocking, moshing, destroying the stage in unison, this is certainly an act and tour you’re not going to want to miss!"