Neues BANE Album



Nach drei Jahren melden sich BANe mit ihrem neuen Album "The Note" zurück, welches via Equal Vision am 17.05 erscheint. Folgende Kommentare gibt es von der Band zu hören:

"We've been a very lucky band as far as how long we've been able to stay together, continue to tour, write songs, and stay relevant in this scene," said vocalist Aaron Bedard. "I think a big part of the reason why is that we've always just trusted our instincts and what feels right to us as five hardcore kids, and not worry so much about what everyone else around us expects or wishes we would do." "I think maybe we approached this new record with a little bit of confidence based on the success of 'Give Blood,' and how proud we still are of that record," said Bedard. "We knew what we were capable of if we dug deep inside and really challenged ourselves to push things a little bit further. We were excited to do what we've pretty much always done - write songs that we really connect with on some sort of honest, emotional level... to not be afraid to deal with different melodies or tempos, even if they didn't fall in line with the typical 'hardcore,' framework."
"I think we are at our best when we are playing live," Bedard said. "There is just something about the energy, interaction, and spontaneity that exists at a show that you just can never capture in the studio. I definitely think we have always been a band who makes records so that we can continue to tour and play the songs to rooms full of kids."