OMAATUQ - Neuer Gitarrist



ONE MAN ARMY AND THE UNDEAD QUARTET haben in Mattias Bolander einen neuen Gitarristen gefunden. Lest diesbezüglich das Statement der Band:

"We want to thank all of those who sent their guitarist applications to us. There were like 50 people applying for the job but of course there can be only one. Cool dedicated people from all around the globe showed interest. You know who you are!! THANK YOU!!!

"Although it seems like the whole planet wants to play with us we have decided to get a guy that lives nearby and is able to hang out with us as well as rehearse on regular basis. A guy that we knew from before and that has helped us out on several occasions with different ARMY-related stuff. The guy is named Mattias Bolander and is a great choice for us. He is extremely talented as well as a great friend and is 110% dedicated in what we do. May he be happy and healthy in the ARMY for a long long time."