PENNYWISE - Albumdetails und erster neuer Song



"All Or Nothing" wird am 27. April 2012 via Epitaph erscheinen. Den Titelsong gibt es bereits HIER über die Kollegen von KROQ zu hören. Ein Statement zum Debüt mit IGNITE-Frontmann Zoli gibt es anbei von Gitarrist Fletcher, ein Teaservideo zum Release im direkten Anschluß:

"It felt like we got to go back to our roots in the songwriting process. There was a lot of passionate discussion between everybody. In the old day that's how our best records got made, lot's of yelling and smashing shit. And as a result the music started sounding like an old school Pennywise record. At the end of the day this is just a loud hard fast aggressive punk rock record and that's what we do best."