PESTILENCE - neues Material in Sicht



Patrick Mameli, Hauptsongwriter, Gitarrist und Sänger von PESTILENCE, hat folgendes Update gepostet:

"Well, the touring, the festivals and the travelling, it all has come to an end for us. I think we covered pretty much all the countries in Europe we really wanted to go to!

"I want to give props and a big thank you, to the guys in the band — [Tony] Choy [bass; ATHEIST, CYNIC], [Peter] Wildoer [drums; DARKANE] and [Patrick] Uterwijk [guitar] for their input and strength to finish this tour. Also, a warm shout goes out to all the fans that have attended our show(s). We really appreciate this!!

"Now we will have a nice and long break to regroup and I have already started working on new material for the upcoming new PESTILENCE album. It’s so exciting to compose new songs using the RG2228GK (8-string) provided by Hoshino/Ibanez.

"Again, I will try to push the limit to new musical heights. The new material will be nothing like you’ve ever heard before from PESTILENCE, yet I will be trying hard to maintain the PESTILENCE style to a maximum. By now everybody should be used to the fact that no PESTILENCE album sounds alike. This new material will be out of this world!"