POISON THE WELL lassen sich über durchgesickerte Demos aus



Poison The Well haben kürzlich festgestellt, dass frühe Demos zum Album an denen sie derzeit arbeiten im Internet aufgetaucht sind. Seit letzten Frühling sitzen Poison The Well an den Aufnahemen die sich aus verschiedensten Gründen verzögern.

Folgendes hat die Band zu sagen:

"So, I guess some of our old demos leaked out on the internet some how. Just to give a brief history on them, those where the first songs we had wrote when we started writing for the new record and where the first songs we wrote with Jason and Ben in the mix. Some of the songs where incomplete vocally and the very early stages of maturity. We did them about a year and 2 months ago at this place called the Steakhouse. The quality isn't the best, but you get the idea. Not all the songs are going to be used for the record, just some. So, if you happen to come across them, don't think that they are the final versions or songs that will make the cut." [...] "I'm sure you can find them on Limewire or any type of file trading program. There are about 7 of them. ."

Mit dem neuen Full Length rechnet die Band nicht vor Mitte des Jahres. Seit "You Come Before You" in 2003 haben Gitarrist Derek Miller und Bassist Mike Gordill die Band verlassen.