PUNK ROCK BOWLING 2016 - im Mai/Juni in Las Vegas, Denver & New Jersey



Erstmals in seiner achtzehnjaehrigen Geschichte expandiert das PUNK ROCK BOWLING Festival in diesem Jahr - und findet nicht nur vom 26. bis 30. Mai in Las Vegas, Nevada statt - sondern auch in Asbury Park, New Jersey (10. - 12. Juni) und Denver, Colorado statt. Anbei gibt es die Details zu den Festivals im Ueberblick. Neben den Shows auf dem Festivalgelaende in Downtown Las Vegas wurden bereits zahlreiche intime Clubshows bestaetigt, zudem wird es fuer den Weekender auch einen Abstecher nach Denver, Colorado geben - wo vom 2. bis 4. Juni u.a. MILLENCOLIN, die BUZZCOCKS, 88 FINGERS LOUIE oder FLAG zu sehen sein werden.

Alle Infos sowie Tickets im Vorverkauf gibt es HIER. Ein Grossteil der Clubshows, bei denen u.a. MARIACHI EL BRONX, H2O oder MINISTRY auftreten werden, ist bereits ausverkauft - alle noch erhaeltlichen Kontingente sowie spezielle Hotel- und VIP-Pakete gibt es HIER.

Das PUNK ROCK BOWLING FESTIVAL findet 2016 zum achtzehnten Mal statt und verbindet am Memorial Day Weekend traditionelles Tunier-Bowling fuer Teams aus aller Welt mit einem Rahmenprogramm aus Punk, Hardcore, Ska etc. sowie Film-Screenings, Ausstellungen, einem umfangreichen Rahmenprogramm etc.

"Punk Rock Bowling was started back in 1999 as a way to bring the independent music community together for an annual party. It has since grown into a 4 day festival in downtown Las Vegas that brings out fans and bands alike from all over the world.
Make no mistake, this is a PUNK ROCK festival and we feature some of the best bands over the past 35+ years, from the old school pioneers and classics to mainstays and up and comers. The brothers Stern have been heavily involved in the PUNK ROCK community since the late ’70′s and spend countless hours scouring their record collections, memories and abilities to reach out to old friends and new to put together an amazing line-up every year. This is a 3 day outdoor festival starting in the afternoon and features 9 great bands each day on Saturday, Sunday and Monday celebrated with over 6,000 of your close personal punk rock friends and many new lifelong friends to be made. And if that’s not enough, their will be 4 late night club shows each night in smaller more intimate surroundings featuring more great bands as well as some special surprises. All in all, over 80 bands will perform throughout the weekend. Throw in 1,000 bowlers at 4 separate bowling centers, pool parties, poker, comedy and of course gambling and booze, and you got yourself what we call a punk rock bowling weekend!"


Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival - Las Vegas:

  • Flogging Molly
  • Descendents
  • Flag
  • Buzzcocks
  • The Exploited
  • Face To Face
  • Millencolin
  • Strung Out
  • Dag Nasty
  • Subhumans
  • Dillinger Four
  • The Bronx
  • Youth Brigade
  • The Dwarves
  • Off With Their Heads
  • Noi!se
  • Giuda
  • J.F.A.
  • The Sainte Catherines
  • Night Birds
  • Melted
  • Louise Distras
  • Be Like Max
  • Sic Waiting
  • Rayner
  • The Damnit Jims
  • Negative Nancys

SATURDAY / Doors 3pm
Flag, The Exploited, Subhumans, The Bronx, Youth Brigade, Noi!se, JFA, Melted, The Damnit Jims

SUNDAY / Doors 3pm
Descendents, Buzzcocks, Millencolin, Dillinger Four, The Dwarves, The Sainte Catherines, Night Birds, Be Like Max, Negative Nancy's

MONDAY / Doors 2pm
Flogging Molly, Face to Face, Dag Nasty, Strung Out, Off With Their Heads, Giuda, Louise Distras, Sic Waiting, Rayner




SATURDAY / Doors 2pm
Descendents, Dag Nasty, Subhumans, H20, 88 Fingers Louie, Giuda, Iron Chic, Sketchy, Lost In Society

SUNDAY / Doors 2pm
Cock Sparrer, Flag, Agnostic Front, The Slackers, Anti-Nowhere League, Off With Their Heads, Drug Church, The Scandals, Brutal Youth