Poison The Well Update



POISON THE WELL haben ein Update bezüglich ihres anstehenden Full Length am Start, aber lest selbst:

"We don't want to deliver a piece of work that isn't a good progression from our last effort and making sure that it's nothing less than perfection in our eyes. As far as touring, we plan to start in March. As soon as anything is firmed up, we will post up the dates.

The record it self will not be released until mid next year, the earliest we can start recording is the end of January. So we're going to keep writing more songs and weeding out the tracks that we don't feel that are our best.

As for the sound of the record, it's a very unpredictable as far as what people think what we are going to do and what actually is done. I guess everyone is going to have to wait and see... "

Seit dem Release von "You Come Before You" in 2003, haben Gitarrist Derek Miller und Bassist Mike Gordill die Band verlassen.