Polizeigewalt auf TWO GALLANTS Gig



Bei einer Show der San Francisco's TWO GALLANTS und TRAINWRECK RIDERS unterbrach ein Polizist das Set auf höchst unerfreuliche Art und Weise. Ein Augenzeuge bereichtete folgendes:

"Two gallants were on their 4th song I believe and a cop shows up for a noise complaint. I think he went to the soundboard first. He then heads to the stage. He has some words with the singer Adam and then the cop grabs his guitar. Adam pulls it back and then the cop grabs him around the head and takes him down. [...]

Then the cop turns on my friend Greg who is taking pics and says 'Stop touching me' or something like that and knocks Greg's camera out of his hand. Greg is all like what the ####? and then the cop jumps off stage and starts pushing Greg in the chest across the room while he is just backing away. He eventually backs greg into that corner where everybody puts their instruments (to the right of the stage) and pushes him down into a pile of drums. People freak out and about 20 people rush over there including the dudes from the opening band and Adam and Tyson.[...]

But I guess everyone was just standing around yelling or something so anyway the cop manages his way out of that pack and then starts chasing Adam. Adam runs across the stage and around the back of the bar with the cop right after him. He runs behind the bar and jumps over the front of the bar and runs out the door and down the street. The cop comes back around the door and is yelling at everyone to leave. He then walks outside and grabs Tyson and cuffs him. He tells Tyson something like he is being arrasted for what his buddy did."

Auf verschiedenen Myspace Seiten könnt ihr Euch ein Video der gewalttätigen Übergriffe des Polizisten ansehen.