QUICKSAND - stellen neuen Song "Inversion" vor



QUICKSAND melden sich mit “Inversion” nach dem Release ihres 2017er Albums "Interiors" zurueck. Anbei stellt die bereits 1990 gegruendete Posthardcoreband um Walter Schreifels den Track im Stream vor, der ab sofort via Epitaph zu haben ist. Schreifels kommentiert:

“The music to ‘Inversion’ was very squatter punk at first. To get something going vocally I started singing in an English Niel Nausea kind of vibe (Nausea are a peace/squatter punk band form the Lower East Side of Manhattan). The lyrics reflect the push and pull of being very connected through technology while at the same time being the most emotionally isolated group of humans to ever walk the planet and fun stuff like that.”