REAL FRIENDS - "Reimagined" Singlversionen zu "Nervous Wreck" und "Storyteller"



Erst vor Kurzem hatte sich die Poppunkband REAL FRIENDS mit neuem Material und neuem Frontmann zurueckgemeldet, jetzt stellt die Band aus Illinois bereits alternative Versionen zu den Songs "Nervous Wreck" und "Storyteller" vor, die zusammen mit dem neuen Saenger Cody Murano entstanden. Bassist Kyle Fasel kommentiert: 

“When the idea of making reimagined versions of songs have come up in the past, we’ve always just made acoustic versions. This time around we changed it up by experimenting with different elements that normally aren’t used in Real Friends songs. It was refreshing and fun to step outside of our comfort zone, instead of just stripping a song down to acoustic guitar and vocals.
The reimagined version of Nervous Wreck is a perfect late night drive song. For this one, we leaned more into electronic beats, clean guitar tones and Cody’s softer vocal side. It brings a whole new perspective to the song sonically. 
The reimagined version of Storyteller is our nod to Death Cab For Cutie. From the drum tones to the piano, I’m really proud of this one. The way we relied more on piano in the song, as opposed to distorted guitars, puts a fresh spin on the emotion of the song.”