REFUSED - neue EP im November



Nach dem Album kommt die EP - so laeuft der Hase im Hause REFUSED. Die Schweden kuendigen "The Malignant Fire" fuer den 20. November an. Von den fuenf neuen Song stellen die Schweden unten bereits den Track "Born On The Outs" vor, der instrumental aus einer Coverversion von "Greyhound" der EDM Band SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA besteht. Frontmann Dennis Lyxzen erklaert: 

"Kris has talked about the riff in the Swedish House Mafia song ‘Greyhound’ forever, so we decided to give it our own spin. David and I added some lyrics for this version, which we've called ‘Born On The Outs’. Make no mistake though; this is very much ‘Greyhound’, but with added lyrics about people who refused to take a side in the ongoing fight against fascism. So, you know, another ordinary Refused song.”



“The Malignant Fire” Tracklisting


  1. Malfire
  2. Born On The Outs
  3. Organic Organic Organic (Go Fuck Yourself)
  4. Faceless Corporate Violence
  5. Jackals Can’t Be Bothered To Dream