Zur "Refused Are Fucking Dead"-DVD hat Burning-Heart-Records folgendes Statement abgegeben:

Refused are dead. They spent their last year in existence touring godforsaken hellholes scattered around the western world. This is their testament.

In 1997 Refused wrote and recorded their farewell record, the seminal "The shape of punk to come", hailed by many as an undisputed masterpiece of the genre.

Years of intensive touring were finally paying off some and yet within the band there brooded a feeling of bitter fatigue.
Weary and tired Refused dutifully put on a series of uninspired performances, grinding what little energy they still possessed down to nothing.

When the police officers finally forced their way through the crowd at their very last show with the intention to shut it down, it seemed a fitting end to a story of revolutionary romanticism and merry rebellion.

However, the band members felt liberated as well as conflicted by the intervention, far from the defiant emotions of their audience.

In this undaunted documentary, Refused guitarist Kristofer Steen retraces the steps of how punk rock’s brave new sound forged it’s way through the swamps and swill on their last campaign in Europe and America, rushing like mad dogs to meet with their inevitable doom.

Also includes exclusive live-footage from "The Shape Of Punk To Come" era!

Release dates:
DE,AT,IT: 2006-04-21
Europe: 2006-04-24
Scandinavia: 2006-04-19
US: 2006-04-25
Australia: 2006-04-15