RINGWORM - Tracklist online



Ringworm werden ihr neues Album, "The Ninth Circle: The Venomous Grand Design", am 21. August über Victory Records veröffentlichen: Shouter James Bulloch zum Album:

"The record is crazy, sounds awesome. PISSED. Ben at Spider Studios is hooking it up. Drums are thunderous, guitars are shredding and the bass is ripping. It sounds huge, but not over-produced - still gritty and raw. We made a little departure from the last record, 'Justice Replaced by Revenge'. This new one has a lot more thrash metal influence, songs are little more technical, but catchy as fuck. Still makes you want to lose your mind and thrash something (or somebody). No emo garbage, no eyeliner fake metal bullshit, no lame fretboard gymnastics. We do what we always do, make records that WE like. FUCK THE TRENDS."

Hier ist die finale Tracklist:

01. Things Are Not As They Seem
02. The Cage
03. The Ninth Circle
04. Suicidal Visions
05. Alchemist
06. Razor's Line
07. Dichotomy
08. Never Was
09. I Preach To No One
10. Hangman
11. Life's Blood
12. The Key
13. Hell On Earth