RISE AGAINST - Album Update



RISE AGAINST haben folgendes Update zu den Arbeiten am neuen Album veröffentlicht:

"We arrived in Fort Collins and immediately got to work on the songs, and in fact, ending up writing a a whole bunch more of them in the first couple weeks. Bill and Jason helped coax the rock out us and, when we were't trying to cover Motorhead songs, we actually got a lot done. Once we finished the structure of songs, Brandon got to work on the drums while the rest of us entertained ourselves around town.

A Wilhelm Scream even rolled through town on their recent tour and we were all able to take a minute out of our schedules to enjoy a BBQ over at Bill's house, at which point many trampoline antics ensued

uitars and bass started shortly after, and so far are going great. They sound bigger and better than anything we've done yet and everyone has been really impressed. We're experimenting with a lot of sounds and attempting to tastefully implement them in our songs, so far, so good...

We took the weekend off to play the Weenie Roast with Metallica, Offspring and our friends in Bad Religion, Pennywise and Flogging Molly. The show was incredible, definitely the best radio show we've ever been a part of, thanks to our fans who made the trip..."