ROSE FUNERAL - Neuer Song online



ROSE FUNERAL streamen brandneuen Song exklusiv bei Stereokiller!
Ab sofort hosten Stereokiller exklusiv den Titeltrack des anstehenden neuen ROSE FUNERAL Albums Gates of Punishment! Checkt den Song HIERan!

Sänger/Gitarrist Ryan Gardner: "We had the greatest time recording Gates of Punishment. It is definitely a HUGE step for ROSE FUNERAL. I can honestly say this album just crushes any release we have done. We are looking to turn heads and drop jaws with this album. Gates of Punishment is filled with intense blasts, fast paced solos, melodic harmonies, dark chords, pissed off vocals, and harsh breakdowns. This is the sound I have been searching for with ROSE FUNERAL, and I couldn't be happier. All I can say is that with the guys I have, it will be a huge climb in sound every album from now on."

Gates of Punishment Tracklisting:
1. Legions of Ruination
2. Grotesque Indulgence
3. Beyond the Entombed
4. False Divine (feat. Steve Tucker)
5. Arise Infernal Existence
6. Malignant Amour (feat. Kate Alexander)
7. A Recreant Canticle
8. The Desolate Form
9. Entercism
10. Amidst Gehenna
11. Gates of Punishment

ROSE FUNERALs neues Album Gates Of Punishment erscheint in Europa am 23./26. September via Metal Blade Records!