ROTTEN SOUND unterschreiben bei Relapse



Relapse Records haben das Signing von ROTTEN SOUND aus Finland verkündet. Die Band schreibt derzeit am Nachfolger von "Cycles", wird aber zunächst eine EP mit dem Namen "Napalm" im März veröffentlichen.

ROTTEN SOUNDs Niinimaa kommentiert das Signing folgendermaßen: “Relapse Records has been a strong label for grindcore since they started, which is one of the reasons that made us want to re-release our "Murderworks" album through them in 2005. We will fit to their roster like a fist to an ass. Being along the same line with other label-mates is very important for us because we want to tour all over this planet with bands we like ourselves. The upcoming “Napalm” EP and the next full-length album will start a new and (even) more aggressive era for Rotten Sound. Doing it together with Relapse Records will make this period more grind than any of our phases before.”