ROYAL REPUBLIC - morgen live im Stream



ROYAL REPUBLIC haben angekündigt morgen ihr Debütalbum "We Are The Royal" im Live-Strream zu performen. Sehen kann man den "Auftritt" um 21:00 Uhr auf der facebook-Seite der Band. Zudem möchte die Band im Anschluss einige Fragen der Fans beantworten. 

”Most of our gear is locked away at a super secret location somewhere on Earth, so it's clear this has to be a ‘back-to-basics’ kind of thing. Just a couple of amps, CABLES (!!!), drum kit etc. Basically the stuff we used when we did the ‘We Are The Royal Tour’. In fact it’s pretty much THE gear we used back then. We’re excited to play some songs we haven’t played in a very long time. It feels very nostalgic.”