SEAWAY - erster Eindruck zu "Colour Blind"



SEAWAY aus Kanada stellen mit “Growing Stale” einen ersten Song ihres kommenden Albums "Colour Blind" vor, welches am 23. Oktober via Pure Noise Records erscheint. Unetn gibt es den Song im Stream zu hören.

Frontmann Patrick Carleton zum Track:

"'Growing Stale' was an interesting one for us. For the most part Andrew and I write on our own until most of a song is in order than we'll get together and figure out how to tie up the loose ends. Growing Stale was essentially the last song on the record that needed to be finished so Alan Day who was co-producing had us sit outside of the control room together and blast it out together. We were skeptical about the process at first but we ended up bouncing ideas off each other really easily and came out with a sound that's a little unique for Seaway".