CUNT sind im Studio, um ein neues, mit "Intervals" betiteltes Album aufzunehmen. Dazu ein Update der Band:

"So we're two days into recording our new album, and exciting things have been happening here in lovely Long Island. We played a couple of shows, bought a ton of snack food, sat on our asses, wrote another song, sat around, used all the toilet paper that Full Force had on hand, and sat on our asses some more.

"All in all, things have actually been going pretty well.

"We love the studio and the guys we're working with. We're all really excited for everyone to hear the finished product. As of right now, though, we're still in the early stages. We've spent a lot of time getting things set up, getting settled in, and writing more songs because you can never have enough songs that don't break a minute. As I type this Andy is tracking drums, though, and he's flying through them like some sort of maniacal drummer guy."