SET IT OFF - neue Single online



SET IT OFF stellen ihre neue Single "Why Worry" vor, die unten im Stream zu hoeren ist.
Die dazugehoerige Platte "Duality" erscheint dann am 14. Oktober via Rude Records.

Saenger Cody Carson dazu:

"This was the first song we ever wrote with producer Brandon Paddock. The chemistry in that room was absolutely incredible and we just had the time of our lives making this song. Influences and the vibe for the song derived from Michael Jackson, all the way to Phantom of The Opera. The instruments in the verses, you'll notice, are eerie and minor, drawing you in and making your heart beat. My intention with the lyrics is to translate that yes, you worry, I worry, we all do...but come with me and I'll show you the light. It's funny though, this song really showed me that sometimes, in songs, I'm actually giving MYSELF advice!"