Nach diversen Gerüchten, Missverständnissen und verpassten Flügen hat sich SHATTERED REALMs Joe None zum aktuellen Status der Band geäußert:

"That's right people we have just got done at THE SOUND OF A REVOLUTION with Len Carmichael recording 3 new tracks for an upcoming release with Floridas TOE TAG featuring John Wylie ( EULOGY RECORDINGS owner and member of UNTIL THE END, and MOURNING AGAIN ). It will be a winter release with 3 tracks featuring Greg ( THE MONGOLOIDS, Chris ( original SR singer, current SUFFER THE LIVING singer ) and BELV ( BANGS AVE )...and of course Joe Hardcore is singing - who started that rumor anyway???????????

1) Hate for the World
2) Fight To Win
3) Bring the Violence Back / Every man for Himself

Currently about to start writing the next record.....thanx as always for the support."