SICK OF IT ALL Tribute-Album Update



Das Sick Of It All Tribute-Album soll via Abacus am 23. Januar 2007 in die Läden kommen. Das Album heisst "Our Impact Will Be Felt" und hat bislang Folgendes zu bieten:

Bane "We Stand Alone"
Bleeding Through "The Truth"
Bouncing Souls "Good Lookin' Out"
Hatebreed "Shut Me Out"
Himsa "Maladjusted"
Ignite "Cease Fire"
Kill Your Idols "Friends Like You"
Madball "Give Respect"
Most Precious Blood "Alone"
Napalm Death "Who Sets The Rules"
Pennywise "My Life"
Rise Against "Built To Last"
Sepultura "Scratch The Surface"
Stretch Armstrong "Busted"
Suicide Machines "Goatless"
Unearth "Clobberin Time/What's Going On"
Walls Of Jericho "Us Vs. Them"