Hier das Statement der Band
"I said in my last news that we would have our next record out in the Fall, unless we crapped the bed. Consider it crapped, but also consider this: we'll be making a move to another label that promises to support our releases with a new level of hype and public awareness! I can't name the label yet because we haven't officially signed, but we're so close that not only can I taste it, but I'm fully confident in their commitment. We're all really excited about this move. The next album will be released early next year and will commemorate our twentieth year anniversary as a band!
We've been working like dogs on the new material and have over a dozen new songs. The schedule has us recording in late August, so there's still plenty of time to continue creating and to fine tune what we have already.
There are new shows being added to our European tour every week - as you can see on the tour page, there are still plenty of blank dates to fill in. As they're confirmed, I'll be adding them, as long as this website doesn't continue it's bizarre malfunction. Sorry there are no US dates, but certain US festival tours think it's ethical to have bands pay THEM tens of thousands for the honor of playing, as opposed to them paying the artist to perform. It's sick, especially considering how wealthy the organizers are compared to the artists. Bands will be in constant debt to their labels that buy them onto these tours, and will never see money unless they sell an unlikely amount of records. Things have to change in this country.
That said, Craig is training people to box, Lou is nursing a nagging back injury, and Pete and I are just chilling. Every day we thank goodness for the life we have."