SKY EATS AIRPLANE werden ihr selbstbetiteltes Equal Vision Debüt am 22. Juli 2008 veröffentlichen. Das Album wurde gemeinsam mit Brian McTernan (Circa Survive, Hot Water Music) in Baltimore produziert.

“Brian helped us out with a lot of great vocal ideas and definitely opened up new pathways we can take,” so Gitarrist Lee Duck über seine Erfahrungen. “We are still a very new band - our first show as a full band was March 2007. It was amazing to work with someone who could help us find our sound without trying to make us someone we weren't.”

Im März feierte die Band das einjährige Bestehen als Quintett. Zu der Entwicklung der Band berichtet Duck, “Music wise, we were a band who came from heavily mechanical roots, and to come from that to now, it is almost as if something born one thing has turned into a totally different animal. Most bands will say they have matured, but we have been born.”

Track List:
1. Introduction
2. Long Walks on Short Bridges
3. Transparent
4. Numbers
5. World Between Us
6. Photographic Memory
7. In Retrospect
8. The Artificial
9. Disconnected
10. Machines
11. Alias