SKY EATS AIRPLANE - Verlieren Drummer



SKY EATS AIRPLANE haben den Ausstieg von Drummer Kenny Schick verkündet, seine Abschiedsshow findet am 07. Februar statt. Hier das Statement der Band:

"Kenny, our drummer, has decided that he wants to focus on more important things in his life such as his girlfriend and life at home. We respect his decision and wish him the best of luck! With that being said I dont want anyone even having a thought go through their mind that this is going to slow us down. We are already flying in a good friend of the band who, if you know drummers, kicks even Matt Greiner from August Burns Red's ass [sorry matt ;P !!!]. His name is Adam Gray and he will be helping us out and filling in for the next few months. We even have some songs we never have played live before that we will be playing in the coming months! When you see him at upcoming shows, definitely give him a hug and tell him that he's awesome for doing this."