SLEEP WALKER - neues Album am 23. Juli



SLEEP WAKER aus Michigan kuendigen ihr zweites Album an. Die Metalcoreband wird "Alias" am 23. Juli via UNFD veroeffentlichen - anbei stellen die US-Amerikaner mit "110 Minutes" bereits eine neue Videosingle der Platte vor. Die Band um Frontmann Hunter Courtright kommentiert: 

"'110 Minutes' is one of the most energetic songs on the record, but it still holds the same melancholic theme of change brought from loss. This is a concept we decided to carry over from the new song 'Distance.' We felt that making one of the hypest songs on the record connect back into the story our past song, 'Relief' [from 2018's Don't Look at the Moon], all the while making this song relate sonically to DLATM with heavy, crushing, fast-paced riffs and constant background effects to build atmosphere. We really wanted to highlight that while Alias may have more melodic experimentation with songs like 'Distance' and Skin,' a song like '110 Minutes' is a perfect showcase of our signature heavy sound that we're still developing while perfecting the newer elements"