SOILWORK trennen sich von Gitarristen



SOILWORK und Gitarrist Ola Frenning gehen fortan getrennte Wege. Die Band hierzu:

"It was felt that Ola resisted the demands of the road and found it difficult to come to terms with the amount of touring scheduled."
Sänger Björn "Speed" Strid weiterhin "It was a very difficult decision to make because Ola has been our friend and bandmate for a very long time."

Frenning kommentiert dies folgendermaßen:

"After 10 years, seven albums and several world wide tours, we've realized that we have developed in different directions and have a different set of values, profession wise. The disagreements have reached their peak and it has become an untenable situation. The band's solution is that I part ways with them so that I won't be in the way for the future plans of Soilwork. However, since I'm not gonna be on the road (at least for a while), I will now be able to continue with my songwriting and producing at another level. For further information, visit The page will be updated in the near future. Cheers to ya all... And thanks for making these 10 years with the band memorable."

Gitarrist David Andersson wird für die anstehenden Touren einspringen.