STATE CHAMPS - Deluxe-Version von "Around The World And Back"



Zu ihrem aktuelen Album "Around The World And Back" veroeffentlichen die Poppunker von STATE CHAMPS am 5. Mai via Pure Noise Records eine Deluxe-DVD-Edition.  Vorab stellt die US-Band unten mit "Slow Burn" eine brandneuen Song des Releases vor. Die Jungs um Frontmann Derek DiScanio erklaeren:

"The deluxe edition of 'Around The World and Back' is very exciting for us. We spent all of 2016 filming for the DVD that comes with it. We’re so proud of how it turned out and the hard work Elliott Ingham put into directing, editing, and putting up with us all of last year. Can’t wait for everyone to be able to go behind the scenes of the best times of our lives as a band. Both new bonus tracks were written with Mike Green and our friend Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low. It was our first time collaborating with other people in a writing process and we had a lot of fun with it". 

Die Deluxeversion von "Around The World and Back" neben "Slow Burn"noch fuenf weitere neue Tracks - Artwork und Tracklisting sind unten zu finden.

01) Eyes Closed
02) Secrets
03) Losing Myself
04) All You Are Is History
05) Perfect Score
06) All Or Nothing
07) Shape Up
08) Back and Forth
09) Around The World and Back (featuring Ansley Newman)
10) Breaking Ground
11) Tooth and Nail

12) Elevated (Live)
13) All You Are Is History (Live)
14) Losing Myself (Acoustic)
15) Secrets (Acoustic)
16) Hurry Up and Wait
17) Slow Burn