STRUNG OUT - neuer Song im Stream



STRUNG OUT melden sich mit neuer Platte zurueck. Die Band aus Simi Valley, Kalifornien wird ihr neues Album " Songs Of Armor And Devotion" am 9. August via Fat Wreck Chords veroeffentlichen. Die Songs der Punkrockband wurden produziert von Cameron Webb, der zuvor mit u.a. MEGADETH arbeitete. Anbei gibt es mit "Dagger" einen ersten Eindruck zum Release, welches HIER bereits vorbestellt werden kann. 


Frontmann Jason Cruz erklaert die Hintergruende zur Platte wie folgt:

“Some songs can be armor: they can repel and they can guard you,” explains Cruz. “And they can also bring you comfort and speak of love and belonging to something. To be a good and gentle person, you have to put up a little bit of armor, but that armor never works, because you’re so caring and sensitive and vulnerable that your heart is going to be displayed on that armor anyway. There are so many thoughts and feelings in my head that I just opened up the pen and let it go so I could explore the duality of having to defend and protect what’s inside, and at the same time make it available for the world.”