STRUNG OUT bedanken sich bei Fans



STRUNG OUT haben sich bei ihren Fans für die Anteilnahme bei der ganzen Diebstahlgeschichte bedankt. Lest selbst:

"i just wanna say thank you to all who have offered and cared so much about our situation . This once again proves that we have the best fans in the world ! There has been talk about donations and a fund raiser for the band and I gotta say the love we have received from 15 plus years of doin this is all we need .

You guys make us mighty and its all of us together that make this thing we do so amazing , no amount of gear , merch or money could EVER come close to that. We will plan some sort of benefit show when we get home to help out our Brother Favio and try to replace some of our gear ,so if you are down to help keep your ears open and come out to rock!"