SUNDRESSED - neue Single



Die aus Arizona stammende Band SUNDRESSED haben mit "Oh Please" eine neue Single veröffentlicht. Alle Gewinne, die damit eingenommen werden, sollen der "Black Live Matter"-Bewegung zu Gute kommen. Im Speziellen wird das Geld an "National Bail Out" und "Black Renaissance" gespendet. 

Sänger Trevor Hedges kommentiert:

“I see this song as almost like a millennial anthem. So many of us are in debt, broke, and without healthcare. This song represents mine as well as many close friends frustration with these types of situations. Sundressed has always been a platform promoting and advocating mental health, personal growth, and most importantly, strength through our community. Right now our community needs our help, which is why we are committed to supporting black lives matter. As long as there is racial injustice and police brutality, we need to keep talking about it. We will be donating all of the proceeds from our new song “Oh Please” to support the Black Lives Matter movement through the National Bail Out and Black Renaissance"