SUNSLEEPER - neues Album im Juli



Mit "You Can Miss Something & Not Want It Back" kuendigen SUNSLEEPER aus Salt Lake City ihr neues Album an. Die Platte wurde produziert von Nathan Hussey (All Get Out) und erscheint am 12. Juli via Rude Records. Anbei stellt die amerikanische Band mit "No Cure" einen neuen Song der Platte im Stream vor .

Zum Entstehungsprozess sagt Frontmann Jeffery Muddget:

“I was writing from a place of resentment for change on the EP. I had an unwillingness to let go of the way things were, specifically when it came to longtime friendships. Since the EP, the rate at which circumstances have changed has increasingly sped up, which in turn caused me to get comfortable with the concept.This includes wrestling with anxiety and low self-worth, losing band members, friends ending, the falling of an influential musician, etc. Something about this record has a feeling of nostalgia while still feeling fresh and new. The 90's indie influence is apparent, as is the contemporary emo rock vibe, but with a tad bit more focus on structure and hooks."