Scale The Summit mit neuem Album



Scale The Summit veröffentlichen im April ihr zweites Album "Collective" via Prosthetic Records.
Aufgenommen wurde in den "Paint It Black Studios" in Orlando, Florida mit Produzent Mark Lewis (Devildriver, All That Remains, The Black Dahlia Murder).

Inzwischen kann man die ersten Songs online bei Facebook hören. Gitarrist Chris Letchford kommentiert den Song "Whales" so:
"We're all very proud to be releasing a new song and not only just any but our personal favorite from the record, 'Whales.' This song was already all of ours personal favorite during the final stages of writing 'The Collective.' We felt this song was a great first release since it has a little of everything; melodic, aggression, great solos, clean jazzy vibe, and a very chill outro. Hope a lot of you out there really enjoy it and that it gets you guys even more excited for the release of "The Collective!"