Schießerei mit Todesfolge Bei HC Show



In Tucson, AZ kam es bei einem Haredcore Konzert zu einer Schießerei mit Todesfolge. Hier eine Info von Gabe Borquez von Versus The Mirror:

"My name is Gabe and I play guitar in a band called Versus The Mirror. I write to everyone in a complete state of disbelief. There was a shooting at a hardcore show (Hoods, Shattered Realm, Donnybrook) here in Tucson, AZ that resulted in a death. The show was held at our main all ages venue and arts center, Skrappys. After a huge fight broke out inside the venue, the brawl kept going outside until shots were fired. A few people were also said to be fighting with hammers. Nuts. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who was involved or witnessed this tonight.

I've never really been the type to stand up and speak my mind on issues but this is my hometown and this was my favorite venue. This is where I played my first show as a musician and saw some of the best shows as a fan. This is where I sang along and danced to my favorite bands. This is where everyone came together for the love of music and art. This was the place where everyone who felt out of place in their school or home could come to fit in. To the employees, owners, and kids of Skrappys, this was life and a second home.

The owner of the venue, Kathy has devoted her whole life to building our music and arts community, our "scene," if you would. Her and her husband has sacrificed everything from houses to cars to keep Skrappys open. She has attended countless meetings and hearings with Tucson city officials to get funding so the venue could remain open. Now it could be shut down.

Whatever happened to going to shows because you loved the band and you wanted to support them, whether it be local or a national act. Whatever happened to respect, unity and integrity within the "scene." You shouldn't be going to shows to represent your crew or to inflict pain on everybody. Go to shows because you enjoy the music. That's what it's all about. The music. If it wasn't for the music, there wouldn't be a show for you to model your new spock haircut, your hatebreed jersey with matching army cargos, your greased up pomp, your elitist attitude, your tough guy mentality, your "emo" attire, and so on and so forth. Remember, the music comes first.

I don't even know anymore. I just hope that Skrappys can stay open. The venue has been the heart and soul of our music and arts scene and it would be a huge loss to everyone in Arizona and to everyone in touring bands. If you think your venue in your hometown sucks, be very appreciative of what you have. Have a good night and be safe. Take care of each other. If you want to show support, hit up Skrappys myspace page and drop them a line"