TAKING BACK SUNDAY - Drummer mit Rücken-OP, schreiben Songs



TAKING BACK SUNDAY Drummer Mark O'Connell musste sich einer Rücken-OP unterziehen. Weiterhin berichtet Mark, dass man derzeit neue Songs schreibt. Lest selbst:

"Hey guys, hope everybody's doing great. We're starting to write some songs and they are starting to sound pretty awesome.

I actually just got back surgery today from Dr. Neuwirth, a spinal doctor in Manhattan. He worked on Gloria Estefan when she was in a serious bus accident. He is awesome at what he does. A disc broke off my spine, and they had to remove part of it. Everything turned out really great, just recovering right now and it's hurting a little. They said if I take care of myself really well, I’ll be just fine. Just wanted to give you an update and really thank you guys for caring. It means a lot.

Talk to you soon,