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TEAMKILLER: Bound to Samsara
All material life comes to an end. For TEAMKILLER it is now about time to break the cycle of samsara and call it a day.

We have gone through a long, constant metamorphosis and experienced continous growth, both, as a band and as spiritual beings. The release of our final album "Bound To Samsara" in November 2010 on Let it Burn Records marks the last stage of this process. We strongly feel connected to this album and also to the decision that it is the right time to disband at this point.

We are deeply thankful for all the people who supported us on our way and share our spirit, all the great experiences we were allowed for and will avail ourselves of them for a lifetime. However, we know that we can only come full circle with a last tour and final show. It is our deepest wish to offer you an insight of what "Bound to Samsara" is capable of and share its sheer energy and spirit with you. We are
currently in the stage of getting everything settled, more news and final tourdates in the works.

In the meantime we encourage you to join TEAMKILLER's final chapter by checking out our brand new song called "No More".

No longer bound to samsara,

(Peter, Felix, Jan, Michael)