TEENAGE WRIST - Video zu "Yellowbelly"



TEENAGE WRIST werden ihr neues Studioalbum "Earth Is A Black Hole" am12. Februar via Epitaph veroeffentlichen. Unten stellt das Duo mit "Yellowbelly" einen weiteren Song der Platte vor. Der Clip zum dreamigen Indie/Alternativetrack wurde von Gilbert Trejo (CHELSEA WOLFE, BLACKBEAR) produziert - Sänger und Gitarrist Marshall Gallagher zum Track:
"It came out early in the writing process and really informed the rest of the record. It's partly about death, or the inevitability of it being a motivator for reveling in life. It's about not letting fear, doubt or ego stop you from making connections, because the opportunity could end at any moment. I've personally spent a lot of time being pessimistic and isolated and whatnot, but I decided I'd rather test the limits of my love and free will. That's going to be a lifelong endeavor I think, and will take some time to learn but it's better than dying, knowing I didn't try as hard as I could."