TEXAS IS THE REASON haben verkündet, dass nach der Reunion Show am 25. November in New York City weder ein weiterer Gig, eine Tour oder gar ein Album folgen wird:

"Perhaps the most often asked questions regarding Texas Is The Reason and our show on November 25 have been: Is this the start of a reunion tour? Are you getting back together to stay? Will you be coming to my town soon? And is this show really a one-shot deal, never to be repeated?" So die Band in ihrem MySpace Blog. "The answers to these questions -- good or bad news, depending on who you ask -- is no, no, no, and absolutely, respectively. And we're sticking to it.

"Our lives are in a different place than they were in 1996, and we're all particularly comfortable in the present. This show is a celebration of a time in our lives that we'll always remember and a rare opportunity to play these songs again for everyone who couldn't be with us the first time around. While we empathize with everyone who wants to come to the show, but can't come for any reason, this will not become a tour and we are not reforming the band. That is as clear a statement as anyone can make.

That said, I'm still not completely sure why it would have been "bullshit" had we decided to reform. Or play a tour. Or become a merengue band. We all have lives to lead and decisions to make, and you can't be everything to everyone. "Seeing through the bullshit" is really about finding out what makes you happy and running with it -- even if you get pelted with strange comments on MySpace."