THE BENNIES - Linernotes zu "Natural Born Chillers"



Die Australier von THE BENNIES klingen wie ein Hybrid aus ZEBRAHEAD, THE DIRTY HEADS und einem Nachmittag am Strand - und veroeffentlichten Anfang Februar ihr neues Album "Natural Born Chillers"  via Uncle M Records. Frontmann Anty hat sich die Zeit genommen und die Songs sowie Inhalte der Platte augenzwinkernd kommentiert. Der Nachfolger zu "Wisdom Machine" kann HIER gestreamt und HIER bestellt werden - zudem sind unten die kommenden Livetermine der Down Under-Partypunks zu finden, die ab April in Europa unterwegs sein werden.



Get High Like An Angel
This song is about feeling shit and trying to party my way through the bad vibes. The idea of getting high like an angel is sort of majestic, but the reality is that the come down is twice as hard (screaming like the devil).

We try our best to write positive and fun songs. This song however, is a fuck you to people who try and piss on your dreams. Dreams are always worth chasing - even if no one else thinks so.

Destination unknown
This song is about the journey… not the destination. A fairly simple and cliche concept - but cliches exist for a reason. Sometimes we forget to take a look around and just enjoy the chaos we are in at that very moment. this song is a reminder to do that.

Natural Born Chillers
Classic trendy ska. The chorus of this song is about being a stone cold chiller - and very stoned. this song is good time weed smoking enjoyment ride around the sun in a vespa. 

This number is about being in a relationship that really should have ended a while ago. Sometimes we fall out of love… but no one really does anything bad in the relationship.. just the love is gone. That overwhelming feeling of being lost with the person you love… its kinda like drowning in the ocean.

Apathetic Revolution
I feel like we live in the age of lazy revolutionists. everyone on Facebook has a very strong opinion on absolutely every issue ever…. yet no one does anything about these issues that they apparently care so much about. I remember when punk songs seemed to be a lot about fighting the system… now they just kinda seem to be about how narcissistic you can be while complaining about everyone else. hahaha… I’m a hypocrite i reckon.

Very Shit Carpet
Jules wrote this one when he was supposed to be cleaning his house. he wanted to play guitar rather than clean shit. Fair enough i reckon.
Natural Born Chillers Tour 2018

26.04.2018 BE / Antwerp / Antwerp Music City
27.04.2018 DE / Münster / Uncle M Fest
28.04.2018 DE / Neunkirchen / Ant Attack Festival
30.04.2018 DE / Husum / Speicher
01.05.2018 DE / Lübeck / Mai Fest
02.05.2018 DE / Berlin / Cassiopeia
03.05.2018 DE / Chemnitz / Subway To Peter
04.05.2018 DE / Nürnberg / Z-Bau
05.05.2018 AT / Wels / Sbäm Fest #2 – 1st Show
05.05.2018 DE / München / Backstage – 2nd Show
06.05.2018 DE / Koblenz / Circus Maximus
08.05.2018 DE / Köln / Sonic Ballroom
09.05.2018 DE / Steinhagen / Kiefernklause
10.05.2018 BE / Namur / The Temple
11.05.2018 FR / Paris / La Mecanique Ondulatoire
12.05.2018 NL / Amsterdam / Sugar Factory
14.05.2018 DE / Kassel / K19
15.05.2018 FR / Selestat / Le Tigre
16.05.2018 CH / Zürich / Hafenkneipe
17.05.2018 CH / Rohrschach / Treppenhause
19.05.2018 DE / Schweinfurt / Stadtbahnhof