THE BRIGGS - melden sich mit neuer EP zurueck



Lange war es still um THE BRIGGS aus Los Angeles. Jetzt kuendigt die Streetpunkband eine selbstbetitelte EP fuer den 5. Mai an. Mit dem Song "Gridlocked" steht unten ein erster Eindruck im Stream bereit. Frontmann Joey LaRocca zum Release:

"These songs are very much autobiographical. I've been through some really big life changes in the past few years. I became a dad, I basically put my career on hold in order to be around for my family and as much as I wouldn't change that fact, it was a major transition to go through. Coming from being on the road 8 months out of the year, to barely touring at all. Being in a group with 3 other dudes to doing my own thing. A lot of the subject matter is that, coming to terms with way things played out, becoming self aware of how all my bad habits have effected my life. Not all in just some super downer way, it's just looking at everything and going, "Damn, this has been some shit! Alright" It's fun, it's upbeat, it's from the heart.

Bottom line is I miss fucking playing punk rock music. I love making music with my brother, I love screaming till my voice is gone. This life is all I know and I'm thankful for everything that I've been through throughout this whole process."